Blockbuster 2, Movie Quiz Game

Blockbuster 2, Movie Quiz Game

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Blockbuster 2, Movie Quiz Game
Spin Master Games Blockbuster 2, Movie Quiz Game $12.99

THE SEQUEL WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: Grab the popcorn because Blockbuster is back with another movie party game filled with all the best movies from the last 10 years,THE GREATEST EVENT IN MOTION PICTURE HISTORY (That isn't a motion picture): The scene opens with a movie buzzer battle where players must fire movie titles back and forth that fit into the category,JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GET BACK IN THE WATER... Our heroes then move on to the action packed set piece: a race to describe, quote and act out different movies for your team to guess in order to win the game.,ACADEMY AWARD WINNING: Crammed with current classics, with four brand new categories: ‘Heart Warmers’, ‘From Another World’, ‘Not For Kids’ and ‘Remakes & Reboots’

Blockbuster is back with another movie game that’s filled with all the best movies from the last 10 years. This movie party game is for anyone who’s ever seen a movie: Since we’ve only included super-popular movies, you don’t have to be a Hollywood hotshot to win this fun family board game. And the best thing of all - if you loved the first Blockbuster game you'll be able to play this new version by itself, or combine it with the original version for a mega-game! The Aim of the Game is to be the first team to collect two movie cards from each of the four genres. The genres are ""From Another Planet"", ""Remakes and Reboots"", ""Heart Warmers"" and ""Not For Kids"" First Select the “Head-to-Head” mode on the Big Potato Buzzer App and hand it to two players, one from each team. They sit opposite each other and place the phone between them, with their fingers at the ready. Countdown from three, then flip over a Head-to-Head Card. This will reveal a random category, such as “Movies with boats”. The first player to think of a movie with a boat in it shouts out the name of the movie and presses the buzzer button to start the 15-second countdown. Their opponent must now shout out another movie featuring a boat and hit the timer before the 15 seconds are up. Players keep going back and forth, like a round of movie title ping pong, until someone runs out of time. The winner now takes an advantage into the Triple Charades Round. The player who won the Head-to-Head Round draws six Movie Cards from the deck and secretly looks at them. They give the ""hardest"" three to their opponent from the Head-to-Head Round (who keeps them secret from their team) and take the ‘easiest’ three for themselves. Both players must now decide which cards to place face down on each of their category squares on the board. Now they must try to get their team to guess their movies in one of the following ways in 30 seconds selecting the triple charades mode on the buzzer app. One word: Describe the movie to your team using one carefully chosen word. Feel free to repeat until you’re blue in the face. Quote it: Describe the movie to your team by shouting out a quote. If you don’t know one, make it up. Act it: Channel your inner De Niro and act out the movie to your team. No talking allowed. When the time’s up, they add all the Movie Cards they’ve won to their collection. Now it’s the other team’s turn. The player who lost the Head-to-Head Round tries to describe them to their team in the same way as before. They can also steal any remaining Movie Cards left by their opponents, but they have to get theirs first. The first team to successfully collect two movies from each of the four genres wins the game! Blockbuster a family board game that adults will love. Guaranteed to make your list of Top 10 new board games for 2020, Featuring 100 brand new Movie Cards, 30 head to head cards For 4+ players ages 12 and up.

Includes: 130 Cards, Gameboard, Instructions

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