Disney Junior Firebuds, HQ Playset

Disney Junior Firebuds, HQ Playset

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Disney Junior Firebuds, HQ Playset
Disney Junior Firebuds Disney Junior Firebuds, HQ Playset $79.99

7 EXCITING PLAY AREAS: At over 2.5 Feet Tall, the HQ playset features a working elevator, a control center, an equipment room, a training area, a snack bar, a fireman’s pole and the launch platform!,DUAL LAUNCHING SYSTEM: Place Flash at the top of the HQ ramp and place Bo at the top of the Fireman’s pole, then press the launch button for a synchronized launch, to watch Flash catch Bo!,FEATURES VROOMLINK TECHNOLOGY: Set Bo, Jayden or Violet onto the VROOMLINK pad to hear them speak, activate mission instructions and hear sound effects from the show! (Jayden & Violet sold separately),IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Disney Junior Firebuds toys for boys and girls are great birthday and holiday gifts for kids to relive their favorite scenes from the show and create their pretend play missions!,COLLECT THEM ALL: Bring home all the Firebuds action figures, toy cars, preschool toys and playsets, (each sold separately) from the new hit series on Disney Junior, for more series-inspired rescues!

Standing over two and a half feet tall, with 7 exciting play areas, kids will love creating missions with an authentic Bo action figure and a genuine Flash firetruck toy in the Disney Junior Firebuds Headquarters Playset! After arriving at Firebuds HQ, take a quick stop at the rescue equipment room and the training room, with a rock climbing wall, before heading over to the HQ control room! Place Bo, Jayden, or Violet onto the VROOMLINK pad to hear them speak, activate mission instructions, and hear the hit Firebuds song “On the Move!” (Jayden and Violet sold separately)! Take a quick ride to the top of the HQ tower, in the tower elevator, then, when it’s time for a rescue, put Flash on the launch platform and place Bo onto the fireman’s pole then push down on the launch button to see Bo spin down the fire pole as your toy truck races down the ramp to catch his buddy! For even more awesome adventures, collect all the Disney Firebuds preschool toys, like the HQ playset and the toy figures and vehicle sets like Bo, Jayden, and Violet, along with their trusty vehicle vroom-mates: Flash - the fire truck toy, Piston – the police car toy, and Axl - the heroic ambulance toy (Each sold separately)! Firebuds toy cars, action figures and playsets are great kids toys for boys and girls ages 3 and up! They are also the perfect gifts for kids that love using their imagination to create pretend play adventures, while building their fine motor skills! Bring home the excitement from the new Disney Junior series with the Firebuds HQ Playset! Firebuds is a music-filled series following a team of young kids, who are the children of first responders, and their talking vehicle sidekicks! Team up with Bo, Flash, Violet, Axl, Jayden, and Piston as they embark on adventures together and learn what it truly means to be a hero!

Includes: 1 HQ Playset, 1 Action Figure, 1 Vehicle, 3 Accessories, 1 Sticker Sheet

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