Purse Pets, Metallic Mood Flashy Frenchie

Purse Pets, Metallic Mood Flashy Frenchie

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Purse Pets, Metallic Mood Flashy Frenchie
Purse Pets Purse Pets, Metallic Mood Flashy Frenchie $26.99

BLINKS, RESPONDS TO TOUCH: This super shiny girls purse has expressive eyes that really blink! On-the-go, your Purse Pets blinks and interacts with you. Hold her head and she’ll blink rapidly and make camera noises!,OVER 30 NEW SOUNDS & REACTIONS: Purse Pets girls toys come to life! Metallic Mood Purse Pets make cute and sassy sounds, love snuggles, flutter their lashes, play music and more! Includes 3 AAA Duracell batteries.,NEW GAMES & MUSIC: Try your luck and see how much bling you can win! Rock your runway look and remix the beat by tapping her head, dance to her hip-hop music and hold her head to make her sing!,INTERACTIVE PET & METALLIC KIDS PURSE: Featuring pink debossed monogram fabric, glitter ears, pop art eyes, an adjustable metallic strap and hardware, Flashy Frenchie is the ultimate pet and fashion accessory!,STYLISH CROSSBODY BAG TOYS FOR 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND UP: Express your style with interactive crossbody Purse Pets, a belt bag, kawaii-inspired purse charms and more (toys each sold separately)! Metallic Mood Purse Pets are approx. 4.25 in. (H) x 6.25 in. (W) x 2.5 in. (D).

Make a statement with Metallic Mood Purse Pets! These fashionable and fabulous interactive Purse Pets (perfect girls gifts) are packed with purse-onality. They respond to your touch, really blink and have over 30 exciting new sounds and reactions! Flashy Frenchie is super shiny, featuring pink debossed monogram fabric, gold glitter ears, pop-art inspired eyes, metallic hardware, and an adjustable metallic strap to wear over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. When you’re out and on-the-go, your Purse Pets purse blinks and makes sassy sounds as she interacts with you. Hold her forehead she’ll blink rapidly, making camera snap sounds. Strike a pose like you’re on the red carpet and Flashy Frenchie excitedly responds! Then, check out the insignia on the front of your pink purse – it’s a secret button that unlocks more ways to play. In Magic Mode, you can play games and dance to her beats! Try your luck with Shine Collector by pressing her forehead. She’ll close her eyes, responding with a cash sound. When the sound stops, she lets you know if you won or lost bling with cute sounds! In Runway Ready Remix, Flashy Frenchie will play hip-hop-inspired music while you strut your stuff and rock your runway look. Play the role of DJ and remix the beat by tapping her forehead! Dance to the music and hold her forehead to make her sing! It’s so much fun! With Purse Pets, friendship meets fashion! Take your super cute purse with you everywhere you go. Measuring approximately 4.25 in. (H) x 6.25 in. (W) x 2.5 in. (D), Metallic Mood Purse Pets fit your essentials. Includes 3 AAA Duracell batteries. Purse Pets interactive toys for kids are great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers or gifts for 5 year old girls and up for any occasion. Collect them all and express your style (toys each sold separately)! Bring your look to life with Purse Pets Metallic Mood Flashy Frenchie!

Includes: 1 Purse Pets Purse, 1 Instruction Sheet

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